Winter Seasonal Foods – How can you simply incorporate them in your daily meals?

Posted on December 28, 2020

Winter Seasonal Foods - Sweet Potatoes Methi Tikkis and Stir fried Vegetables on the side

  • Gajar ka halwa
  • Mooli ka achar
  • Sarson ka saag
  • Undhiyo
  • Shakarkandi chaatCan you relate to these when winter strikes in? They are sumptuous preparations which call for “Sardi main to banta hai”However, as much as we know that one should consume seasonal foods, we generally wonder what’s beyond these typical items which help to keep us warm due to their calorie density.

    How can one make easier warming choices and get the goodness of nature when they want to plunge into winter foods without long hours of preparations and high calories that cause weight gain?

    With most of the produce available all throughout the year, we are hardly aware of the actual seasonal ones. Hence I thought of sharing more on the same and help to stock our pantries with easier, lower calories, seasonal choices.

    So here goes the list of some foods which you should give more preference in winter season and incorporate them in little ways as much in your regular meals.
    Red carrots, Methi leaves, methi seeds can be added in soups, gravies, rotis – One good example gajar methi ki sabzi

    Prefer whole grains like bajra, broken wheat, amaranth and make khichdis which are lightly sweetened with dates as a quick option over bajra rotis which require skills to make.

    Choose to consciously incorporate sesame seeds, olives in your salads and their oils for dressing can be great alternatives for til laddoos and sweet gajjaks which can come the way of your weight loss.

    Winter is the season for berries, so relish them in times of unusual hunger.
    Red radish, sweet potatoes, white asparagus, artichokes, dates can be boiled altogether for a refreshing earthy, clear soup.

    And the list can go on and on..

    Add to the list some of your favourite winter foods and share how do you make them healthier !