What is the difference between ghee and butter?

Posted on October 23, 2016

difference between ghee and butter.. is there any?

Often I am asked this question by my clients when I ask them to consume ghee in their diet. So here is a short description about it.

GHEE as it is also known as clarified butter is not the same as butter and lot of differences lie between them.
Our grannys and mothers have been rightly using ghee for frying Indian breads as the smoke point of ghee is very high (approximately 400 °F) and undoubtedly one of the optimum fat for sauteing, baking and deep frying. The higher the smoke point, the less slowly the smoke is generated while cooking which makes it a heart friendly fat. Having said that, do keep in mind the moderation thumb rule :)
In contrast, butter smokes quickly as soon as it is put in the pan which is unfavourable for the heart. Sauteing with butter produces milk solids to precipitate and generate a bad odour too. No milk solids are involved in ghee, and it is also stable at soaring heat.

Very importantly, people who are allergic to dairy products can easily include ghee in their diet as it lacks the milk solids which are removed during the clarification process of ghee from butter. People who are allergic to dairy products fail to digest casein and lactose (milk solids) and hence can easily digest ghee.

It is essential to understand that ghee is obtained after clarifying the butter from milk solids and salt. Hence, ghee does not taste salty like butter.
Ghee can be stored for longer time compared to butter. The moisture content in ghee is comparatively less than butter. Therefore there is no need to store it in a cool place like refrigerator. You can easily store it in an air-tight container at the room temperature for 2 to 3 months. If refrigerated, ghee can last up to one year. Ghee will also enhance the sweet and richness of the food in comparison of butter. It’s quality also far better than butter.

Both ghee and butter have their respective effects on the body. Some studies and experiments have revealed that ghee has alkalizing effect over the body. In contrast, butter will have somewhat been acidifying effect over the body especially when it’s heated.

Hope this helps to sort out the basic difference between ghee and butter.