Priyanka, India

Posted on January 14, 2015

I had actually given up the hope of losing weight. Being a big Foodie, reasons for not losing weight were many….I had a travelling job, had hectic work hours, idea of diet was a big “No”. But thanks to her that I weigh 10 kgs lesser than what I was 6 months back. Her diet was very balanced and it was more to do with adding food items then eliminating!:-). Also, she interacts on a frequent basis and revises your diet on a regular basis so as to break the monotony. On achieving your target weight, she allows you to eat anything and everything once in a while. The weight loss has been an extremely easy affair with Ujjwala. It’s a complete value for money proposition I must add and results are heartening! The weight loss has completely changed my life…..Thanks Ujjwala for giving the right direction!!