15 Singapore foods tips to combat Haze

Posted on September 10, 2015

Are you tired of haze and are already feeling the pinch on your pocket with loading air purifiers, air diffusers, aroma therapy oild and what not? Are you or your family members having complaints of eye irritation, irritation in the throat, cough, cold and in the worst case scenario inescapable headache and vomiting?Approximately a month back when I decided to resort to haze related dietary measures, one of my clients called up to ask what she could do to prevent her family from haze hazards. Here are some simple, foods list and tips that can help build ones immune system strong enough to resist haze associated health issues. Be more consisitent and you will reap the fruits of them, haze
  1. Cook some food in coconut oil or simply drink it, just 1 tsp for the whole day is enough to work wonders. If you do not like it as a cooking medium, then add it to your smoothies or deserts.
  2. Drink atleast a glass of carotene rich vegetable juice per day – like Spinach, carrot, tomato juice to relax your airways and eyes muscles.                                        haze carotene juiceimages3. Eat yellow and orange squash, dark greens, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes. Cabbage family foods (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, radish and turnip) help prevent low immunity.


Cruciferous_vegetables haz)4.Check your protein intake and increase it if consuming less than 2 servings a day. 1 serving is a cupful of cooked beans, dals, cottage cheese, a palm sized fish or lean chicken. Although 2 servings of proteins a day are not sufficient enough to match the adequacy, but it still ensures that you are consuming considerable amount of it.

5. Sprouts can help increase proteins as well as vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin in maintaining the lung tissue integrity. So eat citrus fruits (avoid juices), squeeze lemon juice, add fresh coriander leaves in your food.

6. Flavonoids rich berries, garlic, yogurt and artichoke also help boost immunity.

7. Add probiotics in your family’s daily diet in the form of yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, homemade pickles. They are a serious lot to keep infection at bay.

8. Consume 2 cups of green tea per day. It helps production of immune cells.

9. Drink 2.5 – 3 liters  of water, warm if possible.

10. Go high on these herbs – turmeric, ginger, gingko bilabo, ginseng, ecinaceae, dandelion, licorice root.

The simplest tip that I always practice whenever there is somebody with cough, cold, fever (rarely) in my family, is put a pinch or two of turmeric powder, black pepper powder, cardamom powder in hot milk.

masala milk11. Try having hot Indian Masala Milk – with a tsp of dry fruits (almonds, pistachios, cardamom, cashews) powder, kesar (saffron) in it and drink hot. You can feel the difference immediately.

12. Incorporate barley pearls in your diet to boost immunity. It is easily available in many coffee shops in Singapore and is an easy take away.

13. Go low on rice, and other starchy items. They may stress the lungs to work harder especially if you have rhinitis, asthma or any pre existing breathing problems.

14. Have timely meals, every 3 hourly to prevent any gastric upset which may result in to acidity and headaches.

15. Avoid caffeine. If you are an addict, then reduce the numbers of cups a day.

Hope you find these instant tips helpful and benefit from them. Let us know which one you tried and vouch for it. For me it’s the spices tea which easy to catch upon. How about yours?