Kale Alert for your Thyroid!




the right way to use kale in your food
The right way to use kale in your food!

So you have been whipping up kale smoothies for breakfast and tossing kale salads ever since you have known that it is a superfood and helps in fat loss. and who will not get lured to try it especially when you are somebody with thyroid hormone imbalances!

Kale is superb in cancer fighting compounds called glucosinolates. When you dig deeper you will come to know that these glucosinolates consist of some compound which interferes with the activity of thryroid and can even cause hypothyroidism.

However, do understand that this interference takes place specifically when kale or likewise any other cruciferous vegetable such as cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts & turnip are eaten raw. Cooking stops the chain of reactions that release thiocynates. Kale ans Thyroid Alert

Chopping raw kale for a salad or chewing it does cause thiocynates to form which can be low if the quantity consumed is less. But if you are used to throwing in a whole bunch of Kale in your morning smoothies and then adding another one in the salad, then think of going low on it or cook them slightly to stop the production of thiocynates.

Focus at harmonizing your balance by choosing the right foods and cooking procedures. For we believe in eating healthy, wisely!