Healthy weight loss with Diet, Lifestyle and Motivation?

Starts: 29 April 2017
Ends: 29 April 2017

If you thought your weight loss success is only about a restricted diet and very active lifestyle, then you may need to rethink the process.
Time and again with my personal experiences with various clients, it is rest assured to me, that there is something more to a successful weight loss journey, than what meets the eye.

There are clients who visit for the first time and on taking note of their diet history and activity regime leaves me in sheer amazement. They are eating way less (some of them are following very low calorie diets for years which is not right) than they should and working out for hours religiously and yet complain of no change on the scale; which undoubtedly makes them frustrated.

Having said that,let me make it clear that I am not reinforcing the obsession of the numbers changing on the scales. But at the same time cannot deny the fact, that if someone is doing everything rightly under professional guidance, then what is it that prevents from achieving their desired goals? What are the missing factors which when identified and put in place, undoubtedly reaps results and gets the ball rolling for the good!
Let’s take a look at a few of them below.

Self Imposed Mind Blocks
Some of the common comments I get to hear in the first visits of clients, “I know my metabolism is slow which comes in the way of my weight loss”. Another one is “I have hypothyroidism which makes it impossible to budge that weight”. And for those who are already on the program and are achieving their goals, would state that “the first few kgs are easier to shed off anyways. The challenge is losing further”.
Do you have any of these similar thoughts running in your mind?

What do these statements indicate? To me these come as self-limiting thoughts. Thoughts which only make the process seem more difficult than it is. Self sabotaging, lack of appreciation towards one’s own hardwork and achievements can prevent one from achieving further goals.

Get Easily Demotivated
There are several reasons for one to fall off and feel demotivated. An unwanted holiday amidst the program, unable to perceive any achieved results physically and emotionally under the shadow of the stubborn weighing scale numbers, can also put one off. Or sometimes it may be small achievements that may induce a laid back attitude and prevent one from working hard towards the remaining goals.
Thus, it becomes essential that we understand that taking care of our health is the foundation of our existence; and the foundations need to be right in all the 3 aspects – balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and a keep going attitude for a successful and healthy weight management program.

It’s a proven fact, that all that sets an achiever, is his/her mindset and personality traits which play a huge role in achieving goals. Although it may come naturally to some, these skills can be developed and learnt through practice and execution.

Hence, to complete the whole process and make it more effective, we have designed an exclusive program with the help of an experienced life skills coach and trainer Benjamin Todd to equip you with effective introspective tools, skills, and methodology that can help you to stay motivated.

What does the 3 hour program entail for you?
In the 3 hours program we will focus specifically on the following aspects
Self Motivation
Goal Setting
Time Management & Organisation
Accountability & Self Evaluation
There will be activity, discussion and coaching related to each aspect to make it an effective and fulfilling learning process for you.

Refer to the flyer above for more details and contact us to reserve your spot.
Register until 20th April, 2017 to avail the early bird fees of $98/person.
Registrations after 20th April will be absorbed for $148/ person.

Feel free to write to us at

We look forward to creating an impactful eevent and making a difference in your life.

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