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Many of us have heard of and benefitted from the internal use of ginger and its wonderfully healing properties, but relatively few of us have heard of the benefits of how ginger can be used externally.

According to Macrobiotics, many types of pain can be relieved through the use of a ginger compress. Both simple and effective, the ginger compress has been known to relieve back pain, menstrual cramps, arthritis, stiff neck and kidney stone attacks. Macrobiotic techniques have proved time and time again to be efficient and effective. Not only is it inexpensive, it is so easy to prepare and apply that you could do it with a friend in the comfort of your own home and, lastly, it has the added benefit of not producing undesirable side effects.

How can a Ginger Compress Help Me?
Often pain can be felt in areas of the body where the flow of energy is stagnant. A ginger compress helps to stimulate and increase the circulation of blood and body fluids and disperses stagnant energy. The strong heat applied during a ginger compress works on many levels to benefit the body – dilating the blood vessels, activating stagnant fluids and melting mucus stagnations, the ginger penetrates deep into the body. Simultaneously, as the ginger penetrates the body, fat accumulations disperse. No ladies, this does not mean that ginger compress should be used as a way to lose those extra pounds, but it could be a relatively small side effect. More importantly, ginger increases the circulation in the body so that gradually the tissue that is being treated becomes cleansed, nourished and revitalized.

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