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Probiotics for Good Digestion The Health Benefits of Probiotics in digestion go hand in hand, but what are probiotics and how do they affect us is quite interesting. According to the World Health Organization, probiotics are live bacteria or live … Continued

turmeric milk, golden milk latte

Did you recently learn about the Golden Latte at a local coffee shop? As new as this may sound, Turmeric milk have been consumed since ages by Indians to induce good sound sleep, or to fight cough and cold as … Continued


Mango – A companion in weight management! In this article, we debunk the general misconceptions that revolve around this king of fruits, while focusing on the nutritional health benefits it entails. Ripe mangoes when eaten cold are not only delicious … Continued

Bloom's June 2017 Issue Watchout Bloom’s 2nd Issue for the month of June. We have revamped the e-magazine with the help of a creative designer and it definitely looks more appealing. In this issue, we are talking about the underdog ve getable – … Continued

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How many cups of tea?

  Drinking tea could cause iron deficiency, if you drink a lot of tea with meals and don’t consume adequate iron. Studies have shown that tea—notably black tea, but also green—decreases the absorption of iron, especially nonheme iron, the kind … Continued

bunk the halloween-junk

Tis Halloween season and kids are all geared up to receive their share of treats. And I love to see the excitement on my son’s face when he talks about the fun trick and treats parties that he will get … Continued

gout diet-image

The secret of a healthy life is hidden in a balanced diet. In the past, gout was considered a disease only of the rich, because the victims of the disease had an easy access to fancy foods and liquor. Gout … Continued

Fats to lose weight , LCHF DIET

When it comes to weight management, we forget about the essential role of hormones in our overall wellbeing and much concentrate on restrictive diets, pills and supplements. Hormones are the chemical messengers that affect our physical, mental and emotional health. From mood … Continued