Trick the Halloween Treat Junk

Posted on October 27, 2016

bunk the halloween-junk

Tis Halloween season and kids are all geared up to receive their share of treats. And I love to see the excitement on my son’s face when he talks about the fun trick and treats parties that he will get to attend. However, deep down I am also concerned about the fact that most of these treats that are sugar laiden and dipped in colours and preservatives, which have not been treating him that well in the last couple of years.

In the last 2 consecutive years, my son had similar episodes of throwing up while he was playing the trick and treat game. The fancy packaging and colours make the sweets irresistible and he would vomit after stuffing his mouth with considerable numbers of them one after the other. Not to blame him for that, as he gets lured by the fancy packaging which he finds irresistible. But as a mother it really horrifies me (in the true sense of Halloween :0) to see the plight of my son which made me think whether it is really a treat for the little boy??

His reaction to candies forced me to do my research on Halloween treats and it’s impact on kids health. I was amazed to find this interesting survey done by Kids Health on more than 1,200 kids and their responses regarding the Halloween treats.  More than half (625) reported too much Halloween candy had made them sick or caused other problems.

Here’s what a few of them stated – 

“I felt sick all night,” said Zachary, 9.

“I got a huge headache when I was 7 years old after eating way too much candy and had to go to sleep early,” said Angelica, 11.

“My whole body felt really bad, I laid in bed until I felt better, and didn’t do that again,” said Aliyah, 10.

Shamyia, 10, said the top reason she puts limits on how much Halloween candy she eats is because she doesn’t want to get sick. When you hear what happened to her, you’ll understand why.

“When I had eaten extremely too much candies, I puked on my dad when I answered the door. Then the next 2 days, I had to stay home and miss a field trip to Six Flags!”

What’s wrong with these candies which make the kids uneasy?Trick the Halloween Treat

Candies = ++++ Sugar

That’s as direct as it could be put across. We all know that sugar is cariogenic but what adds to the disaster is that sugar when comes together with starch, like that in candies becomes more scary for the dental health.

Researchers at the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam published results showing that lollipops and jawbreakers could erode teeth enamel. 

Are there any other villains in these candies?

Yes there are. To keep the price of these candies low, food industry has been bombarding the treats with artificial colours. If only, the natural colourings could be afforded at that price :(  

Recent studies have shown that the real villains are petroleum-based food dyes like Red 40 and Yellow 5 that are found in many of these candies.

One such study is a 2011 Australian trial conducted at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology that was sponsored by the Feingold Association. This study of children ages 4 through 12 found that a diet eliminating synthetic food dyes and other additives, as well as certain foods, led to significant improvements in behavioral problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and oppositional behavior.

Taking the candy of out of trick-or-treat

A research done in Yale involved giving a total of 284 Halloween trick-or-treaters a choice between a toy (stretch pumpkin men, glow-in-the-dark insects, tickers, etc.) and candy. The toys proved to be just as popular as the candy (although we suspect that the particular candy choices might have had something to do with that). The researchers argued that the treat in trick-or-treat needn’t be candy, as long as it was associated with the other fun stuff about Halloween (dressing up, walking around the neighborhood).

Few tips to wean away your kids from the treats

1. Feed them before each trick and treat parties. If their little tummies are already full, then they are less likely to eat beyond their capacity (uncertainity there, as some can try to stuff beyond their capacity in excitement). Better to have set rules on number of candies allowed to be consumed. 

2. Condition your child with halloween themed toys, games or crafts that can equally excite them and shift their focus from sweets.

3. Spend an evening with your little one to make a spooky, healthy treat which he will love to indulge in without any tantrums. Children tend to eat healthy foods easily when they are involved in the process. 

4. Very importantly, ensure that your lil one is well hydrated that nullifies the acidity caused due to the sweet and sour candies which also helps to subside any chances of vomits. 

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Healthy Halloween Treat Party