Amazing Transformation Program for Women with Hormonal Imbalances!

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Do you believe that hormonal imbalances like Hypothyroidism or PCOS stops you from losing weight?


So what is the program like?

We are always very passionate in about knowing about you, your food habits, food likes and dislikes which help us to plan a customised diet plan.

Yes, you heard it right, at Poshan we strongly believe that “NO ONE DIET FITS ALL” and hence, each of our client deserves a unique plan, customised based on their food and lifestyle habits. We put our heart and soul while working with our clients to help them get results. 


  • In a month, you get complete 30 / 31 days of online access to our Dietitian Ujjwala over the Whatsapp or email.
  • All throughout the month, you will receive follow ups, motivation and recipes from her.
  • She will check your diet everyday over the Whatsapp wherein you will be sending her pictures of your every mail intake.
  • Every 15 days, Ujjwala will do a skype call or Whatsapp video call with the client to follow up in depth about the client’s progress, motivate and revise the plan and set the next goal.
  • The client also learns about other aspects of weight management like –
  1. behavioural modifications
  2. how to manage the diet when eating out
  3. portion control
  4. shop healthy


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We want to help as many women as we can and help them achieve their dream health goal. Hence, all our programs are affordable and do not demand a bomb from the client and put them off the health wagon.

The best part is you can follow the diet from the comfort of your home and save so much of travelling time and cost.

We are giving away a $30 voucher if you sign up with us for our Diet & Nutrition Online Programs.

If you are struggling with your health goals, then this is all you need!

A friendly Dietitian who walks along the path of your health journey is essential.


Read some of the true experiences shared by our clients who have overcome that belief and have helped themselves with our amazing transformation program :)


Client 1

For years I have been suffering from polycystic ovaries syndrome and have struggled with my weight. I have tried so many diets but none of them really worked due to various reasons. Moving to Singapore, working in a high pressure job, travelling, time constraints and various family related issues were not only causing depression but also a major de-motivation for me to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In May 2015 I decided to take control over my life and health and that is when I reached out to Ujjwala. I knew about her work, but was sceptical as I wasn’t just looking for a crash course dietician but more of a lifestyle coach. Weight loss however was the main goal.  I decided to give it a try and test my own limits under her supervision. 

Before I proceed with my journey with Ujjwala, I must confess I had an extremely erratic eating habit, did little to no workout and was not very conscious about my own health. Now Ujjwala’s approach is pretty simple, practical and can be managed such that it fits with a person’s routine. She guided me through changes in my routine, right from shopping lists, walking/being more active, creating my own meal plans to how much quantity.

What’s amazing is that I never went hungry with her plans and realized that at times I was starving my body and then eating really heavy stuff after hours. It was a slow process but she kept me motivated, after 3-4 months of following her suggestions, I already felt the benefits, for example, I slept better, my skin improved and now after six months and 7kgs loss…I feel lighter and my monthly cycles started to go towards a more positive side.

To sum it up Ujjwala not only gave me only nutritional education but also fantastic emotional support. Every time I see her, I feel encouraged and finally I began to believe in myself that I can achieve my goals. Even after discontinuing, I do follow her tips and continue to receive her updates that help me keep up the courage to continue my journey towards a healthier me.

Thanks Ujjwala! 

Client 2

Thank you so much for directing me all this while.

Because of your diet plan, healthy tips on “Poshan Cure thru Diet” and exercises videos I could manage to shed some kilos in a short time, inspite of having hypothyroidism. 

I am grateful to you for emotionally healing me. Your meditation techniques, motivational e-mails, messages, quotes and meetings helped me a lot to stay focused on my aim.

Now all these good habits became part of my lifestyle. I am very very happy for this big change in my life. All this could happen because of you.

Thanks once again

Neeti Jain

Client 3

I had actually given up the hope of losing weight due to my hypothyroidism….My name I am sure will appear in databases of all the weight loss organizations like VLCC, Kaya Life etc etc in Mumbai…..Being a big Foodie, reasons for not losing weight were many….I had a travelling job, had hectic work hours, idea of diet was a big “NO” and so on…..Then I met Ujjwala (that’s also quite a story as to how I met her….but as they say when you desire something, the entire universe conspires to realize your wish) and thanks to her that I weigh 10 kgs lesser than what I was 6 months back. The good thing about Ujjwala’s diet is that she does not expect you to go on a high protein diet or no/low carb diet or likes of Atkins & General Motors. She gives you a very “simple to follow” diet that easily fits into your daily routine. Her diet was very balanced and it was more to do with adding food items then eliminating!:-). Also, she interacts on a frequent basis and revises your diet on a regular basis so as to break the monotony. On achieving your target weight, she allows you to eat anything and everything once in awhile. The weight loss has been an extremely easy affair with Ujjwala. It’s a complete value for money proposition I must add and results are heartening! You will figure out the difference yourself once you start the diet program with her…. & even if you don’t, I bet your frenz will make ya realize with their compliments. The weight loss has completely changed my life…..Thanks Ujjwala for giving the right direction!!


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