5 ingredients Easy Avacado Cup Salad Recipe for a busy you!

Posted on September 12, 2015





This is a salad I conceptualised last night to make for my family. Did not know then, that it would turn out to be a favourite and will top the chart of our family meals. Like the Fast Weight loss Avacado Smoothie http://poshancurethrudiet.com/quick-weight-loss-avacado-smoothie/, I guess it’s the ease of making it, the availability of ingredients and the rich natural flavours of the fruits which go so well with each other adds to the eye appeal and makes all the difference.

This recipe is versatile enough to be consumed as a salad, a snack or simply accompanied with a meal to give that edge.
Dense in antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals with a low carb count and comprising of healthy fats, it is a must try by every dieter who wants to glow from inside out. Diabetics and individuals with heart problems can keep their cholesterol levels in check with pomegranate, olives and avacado. Infact, it is good for kids as well and can be a great start to combat their junk food addiction, which is one of the 17 reasons why they overeat http://poshancurethrudiet.com/17-reasons-why-your-child-is-overeating/

So here goes the recipe measuring upto 3 serves.


Avacado- 1 whole (ripe)
Pomegranate seeds – 1 whole (opened and removed)
Olives – 10 – 12 nos. (deseeded and cut in to halves or pick the non seed ones)
Unripe green Mango – 1 medium (diced small)
Melon seeds – 1 tbsp (optional)
Salt – a pinch (as olives may be salty)
Black pepper – as per tolerance

Prepare avacado, olives, green mango and pomegranate seeds as needed.
Cut avacado in 2 halves and remove the stone. Dice the pulp and scoop it out with a spoon. Keep the empty shells of avacado and do not discard them. We need them to fill up the salad and serve.

Mix all the ingredients with a dash of salt and pepper to prepare a fruit mix.

Fill the empty avacado shells with the prepared fruit mix.

Place one whole, washed cabbage leaf on a plate. Keep the filled avacado shells on it and enjoy.

I am sure you will want to make it again.