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Do you love Pizza and also your weight loss?
is there any way to get the best of both the worlds?
Yes indeed! Try out our Weight Loss vegan Pizza recipe and you will never want to go back to the regular pizza. 
Indulge guilt free :)

EASY WEIGHT LOSS, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN PIZZA Do you love Pizza and also your weight loss? is is even real to eat Pizza and lose weight? Yes indeed! And trust me, you will forget the regular floury pizza which only … Continued

Bloom's June 2017 Issue Watchout Bloom’s 2nd Issue for the month of June. We have revamped the e-magazine with the help of a creative designer and it definitely looks more appealing. In this issue, we are talking about the underdog ve getable – … Continued

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Hummus For Diabetics and Weight watchers

Weight watchers and those looking to have a better sugar control are always looking out for recipes that can help them move closer to their health goals.  Hummus which is a middle eastern dish is full of goodness of fibre, … Continued

Sugarfree Guiltfree Nicecream

  Are you among the ones who are trying your best to stay away from the sweets in order to lose weight? Or, you don’t really know how to deal with the sweet temptations only to indulge in a massive … Continued

Zesty Buckwheat Salad Recipe  An excellent alternative to rice, buckwheat is claimed to be one of the world’s healthiest foods- both nutritious and energising. The grain is nutrient rich containing high levels of all nine essential amino acids, iron, antioxidants, … Continued

Healthy, gluten free , vegan crackers

        Healthy, gluten free , vegan crackers     Who does not like a crunch to relieve the boredom at home or to take a break from hectic desk job to perk up oneself? From kids to … Continued

You surely don't want to count calories and indulge guilt free when sharing some special moments with your loved one!

I made these brownies for Valentine’s Day this year to indulge in guilt free with my partner in crime. to our amazement we liked it quite much. Now, what hat better than sharing special moments with your loved one without … Continued

The salad is far more easy to make than it sounds and tasty than it looks.. hehe! I happen to try it at a vegetarian Japanese restaurant in Singapore and was quite intrigued with the flavours of it. When I … Continued