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Mango – A companion in weight management! In this article, we debunk the general misconceptions that revolve around this king of fruits, while focusing on the nutritional health benefits it entails. Ripe mangoes when eaten cold are not only delicious … Continued

Life Begins at 40

Join us for a healthcare event in Singapore for women around the age of 40, which focuses on diet and lifestyle tips to rejuvenate the girl in you. Tickets selling at $35 per pax. Bring along a friend, and you … Continued

Bloom's June 2017 Issue Watchout Bloom’s 2nd Issue for the month of June. We have revamped the e-magazine with the help of a creative designer and it definitely looks more appealing. In this issue, we are talking about the underdog ve getable – … Continued

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difference between ghee and butter.. is there any?

Often I am asked this question by my clients when I ask them to consume ghee in their diet. So here is a short description about it. GHEE as it is also known as clarified butter is not the same … Continued

20 weight loss success tips

Tip No. 1: Choose water or other calorie-free beverages when hungry off meal hours. Before you barge into that bag of potato chips, drink a glass of water first. People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger, so you can end up … Continued

Fresh vs Frozen

In view of healthy eating, very often I get questions from my clients whether frozen foods are nutritionally equal to fresh foods, how do they really benefit an individual and if their taste and texture gets affected in the process. … Continued

Are you tired of haze and are already feeling the pinch on your pocket with loading air purifiers, air diffusers, aroma therapy oild and what not? Are you or your family members having complaints of eye irritation, irritation in the … Continued

Since childhood we have been conditioned that emotions and food go hand in hand. We have a celebration and indulgence is in a richly smothered cream cake is inevitable. As soon as we were upset, our parents would buy chocolates … Continued


If you thought you were nourishing your child’s slice of bread by liberally coating it with olive oil spread, think twice before you do that next time! Like this, there are so many products that you may assume to be healthy, … Continued