Ujjwala Baxi

Ms. Ujjwala Baxi, a Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator, has been in the health industry since 14 years. She has helped several around the globe to achieve optimum health and weight, look younger, feel better and transform their lives through balanced diet and lifestyle management with long-lasting results. She has also healed individuals with varied health complications such as diabetes, renal disorders, cancer, hormonal disorders etc. in hospitals and her Poshan clinic.

She had been awarded by one of leading chefs in India, late Ms. Tara Dalal and many of her healthy recipes have been telecasted on several channels such as Zee Marathi, Tv9 in India.

In Singapore, she is a Health Promotion Board Youth Ambassador. She actively promotes optimum nutrition through her workshops, articles in magazines, private consultations, custom meal plans, and healthy cooking workshops. Her exceptional work has been well recognized and published in Straits Times, Elle Singapore and Philips Home Living to name a few.

She shares a passion to provide long-term health benefits to her clients and patients as “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” As a result her approach of providing healing through nutrition is always research-based, favorable, doable and affordable.

Her Journey

She graduated as Bachelor of Home Science with Nutrition as specialisation, from Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science, Mumbai in the year 2005. After which she post graduated from IHMCTAN, Delhi University in Applied Nutrition and Therapeutic Dietetics, in the year 2006.

She was posted as an intern in B.Y.L. Nair Hospital and earned her precious experience, working in various departments of the hospital from Intensive Care Units to General wards and OPD. She has seen patients recuperate with her therapeutic diets efficiently.

While she was learning the clinical nutrition aspect, she got intrigued about sports nutrition and wanted to explore and understand how it is different from clinical nutrition. Hence, she did a Sports Nutrition course offered by K11 fitness center too.

She received several awards in cookery contests and was awarded by one of the leading chefs of India, late Ms. Tarla Dalal which tapped her interest in healthy cooking.
In the year 2007, she got licensed as a Registered Dietitian and then in 2011, got certified as Diabetes Educator by International Diabetes Federation as part of Project Hope.

Before she totally dedicated herself to Poshan – Cure thru Diet, she worked as a Research Dietitian in the Endocrine Department of B.Y.L. Nair Hospital as a Research Dietitian and at Mickey Mehta’s 360 degrees, fitness centres in Mumbai.
After which she got the opportunity to work as a Chief Dietitian in K. J. Somaiya Hospital.

Her experience also includes working with some of the top notch endocrinologists of Mumbai, Dr. Shashank Joshi, Dr. Chandalia and Dr. Nikhil Bhagwat. and Dr. Prema Varthakavy.
Ujjwala is well known for her inspirational and result oriented work with people of all age groups, with different cultural backgrounds across the globe.

In 2013, she got her company Poshan –  Cure thru Diet licensed in Singapore. After her 7 years of stay in Singapore, she is back in her homeland, Mumbai – India and serving both local and international clients diligently.


Media Appearances

Online & Print Magazines

Straits Times SingaporeModeration – key to cholesterol control – Oct 24, 2017

Straits Times SingaporeGoing Vegan in a food Paradise – Sept 19, 2017

Straits Times Singapore –  Dark Chocolate – guilty pleasure’ Not – Oct 3, 2017

Elle Body, Singapore – Ujjwala Baxi’s comments on healthy eating – 2017

Radio Masti  Singapore – Dialogues with RJ Antara on Healthy eating – 2017

Philips Home Living with Ujjwala Baxi – fb live – on World Diabetes Day to share recipes, 2016

Prime Publishings Magazine – Virtual Supermarket Tour – in Print – 2016

She is a contributing author at Singapore’s Executive Lifestyle Magazine, Singapore

Frequently authors articles for an online healthcare community platform, PatientsEngage

Authors articles for ‘Fuchsia‘ a lifestyle magazine

Article on Brain foods for Children for Kidz Parade Magazine


Television Appearances

Featured in “Amhi Saare Khavayye“, a Television Cookery Programme on Zee Marathi wherein she demonstrated 8 healthy recipes for kids and adults, in India.

Guest Speaker on Tv9 channel, Mumbai to talk on Nutrition for Heart Health

She won the “Mummy ka Khana Khazan Contest” and was invited to demonstrate the recipe for their television programme

About Poshan – Cure thru Diet

Poshan – Cure thru Diet is a professional nutrition and health service which is thought by Ujjwala Baxi and was initiated in the year 2007.
At Poshan – Cure thru Diet, Ujjwala believes in empowering individuals to eat to best support their health and lifestyle needs. She works in a way that is non-judgemental, reassuring and positive.

She believes that following a healthy regime needs to be individualistic, simple and practical for it to set in one’s routine. It is only when nutrition, diet and lifestyle are complicated with fad diets, starvation diets, supplements, pills, irrelevant information and myths, consumers become confused about the whole healthy living process.

Many people feel that balanced nutrition and living cannot be practiced when they have a busy schedule, travelling or during festivities. They wait for the right time to take action which keeps getting delayed. The result is their erratic food and lifestyle taking a toll on their health in the form of aches, constipation, acidity, lethargy, bloating, inability to deal with stress, energy burn out. These signals when neglected for a long period of time, may lead to serious health problems like diabetes, heart problems, cancer etc.

How can we help?

Poshan – Cure thru Diet has healed and transformed lives of over thousands of people across the globe with its AUPI solutions, which forms the basis of any of its services.

What are “AUPI” solutions?

Affordable – our services are sensibly priced, to benefit those seeking help. We believe that for one to experience health, it need not be expensive!

Unique – We provide dietary options based on the cultural background of our clients. For instance, a Westerner or a Chinese cannot be advised to eat Indian cuisine all the day.

Practical – Diet and lifestyle solutions pertaining to the client’s schedule and ability to practice them

Individualistic – Keeping in mind, a client’s medical history, likes, dislikes, food habits, age, and many other factors.